The success of a company is directly correlated with the investment it makes in its employees. It’s not just about salaries or bonuses; it’s about recognizing, nurturing, and celebrating the human element within the business walls. (Suggestion?? Maybe us term “walls” in quotes or switch to scope to include both business teams onsite and remote? Just in case there are very literal readers. 😊 )

But how can companies ensure they’re genuinely investing in their workforce? Here are some effective strategies that go beyond the paycheck.

  1. Set Aside a Professional Development Budget

One of the most tangible ways to invest in your employees is by allocating a specific budget for professional development or industry events. This not only gives your team members access to valuable learning opportunities but also communicates that you believe in their potential and want to see them grow.

Tip: Make it clear that you want this budget to be used. Encourage employees to attend seminars, workshops, or courses that resonate with their roles or future aspirations.

  1. Mentorship: The Gift of Growth

There’s no substitute for experience, and there’s no better way to share experience than through mentorship. While mentorship should never be forced, creating an environment where seasoned employees are encouraged to share their wisdom with newer team members can be incredibly beneficial.

Tip: Organize mentor-mentee matching sessions or ‘speed mentoring’ events. This can help employees find potential mentors or mentees in a relaxed setting.

  1. Celebrate Personal Milestones

While professional accomplishments are important, personal milestones play an equally significant role in an employee’s life. Whether it’s a birthday, work anniversary, a new family addition, or even the joy of adopting a pet, recognizing and celebrating these events can make employees feel truly valued.

Tip: For remote teams, consider mailing a small gift or handwritten card. It’s a personal touch that shows you care, regardless of distance.

  1. Team Lunches: More than Just a Meal

The act of sharing a meal has been a universal bonding experience across cultures and eras. Organizing regular team lunches is not just about the food but about providing a space where employees can relax, interact, and share. It’s a way to build camaraderie and make every member feel like they’re part of a bigger family.

Tip: If your team is remote, consider organizing virtual lunch hours or sending meal vouchers. The sentiment remains the same, even if the medium changes.

  1. Plan a Mental Health Day Workshop (sample info below)

Employees’ growth and development is very important, but just as important is allocating time for employees to focus on their mental and emotional wellbeing. Rather than give another PTO day that may be filled with more vacation, doctor appointments, etc., plan a day where a Mental Health Professional comes into the office or Zoom to discuss mental health, provide exercises, and answer questions.

Tip: Be sure to support a welcome environment that allows employees to be fully present and engage in the event, encourage full attendance and no work during this window of time.



Investing in your employees is not just a business strategy; it’s a philosophy. It’s about recognizing that every member of your team is a unique individual with aspirations and milestones. By nurturing their professional growth, celebrating their personal milestones, and creating an environment of camaraderie and mentorship, you’re not just building a team; you’re building a community.