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As an integral part of the FileMaker community, we are the go-to source for talent management and identification. At Kalos, we understand the complex needs of software firms, and we know exactly what it takes to hire a FileMaker Developer. The right developer.

Taking a deep dive, we’ll look at your company culture to ensure we bring to the table the best candidates to match with you and your team. We take pride in the thought we put into each candidate’s personalities, intangible skills, and long-term goals. They’ll have talent too as we can accurately identify and asses Senior-level or junior-level skills. We can also help you find the perfect fit for an independently contracted FileMaker Developer. Need an in-house developer? We have you covered.

No, we aren’t the only choice to consider when it’s time to hire a FileMaker Developer, but we’re the right choice. We’d love to discuss this with you further and learn how we can help you meet your needs. You’ll only pay us if we acquire the talent you’re looking for, and there’s no obligation to meeting with us. So click, schedule, and get matched with the talent that will take you to the next level.

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Recruiting for the FileMaker Community

Kalos is the only recruiting agency that specializes in FileMaker, and we’re already engaged with over 40% of FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) Platinum Partners.

“I was surprised, the candidates you provided were better than the 8 people I was already speaking with, and that is why we hired you.”

Marc Adler
VP of IT Solutions
FBA Platinum


“The Grand Rapids Police Department would recommend using Kalos if you’re attempting to find a FileMaker developer.”

David Schnurstein
Captain, Grand Rapids Police Department

The Kalos Difference

Expanded Network

Job boards only reach people who are actively looking. We search the entire market for candidates who meet your criteria and share your values.

Effortless Hiring

Applicants submitted by Kalos have been vetted to meet your requirements and your company culture. While you run the business, we handle initial interviews, provide detailed notes, and manage the entire hiring process. Then, you make the final decision.

Speed & Precision

We emphasize accuracy and fit, but we’re also quick to find the right person. Even with our relational approach, the average recruiting time from the start of an engaged search to an accepted offer is less than 60 days.

Flexible Options

You can hire for both full-time or project-based opportunities. Looking for a full-time rockstar?

Rent a FileMaker Developer

Here at Kalos, we are extremely well connected to the talent of the FileMaker community. We also know that many development firms run on a smaller number of people working on large but often temporary projects. This is why we are your solution to affordably scale your business. We can help you rent a FileMaker Developer.

We’ll help you source the talent you need for short-term projects or long-term projects; Junior-level or Senior-level skills. By determining the core needs of the project and development work, we’ll successfully put the right candidates in place so that your development and implementation are top-tier. From one FileMaker Developer or a team of several, we are confident in our abilities to identify talent and match personalities.

What’s best is that we’ll even manage the HR and payroll so you don’t have to stress about the workload that is associated with scaling the business, or finding a developer to complete a specific job. We do the work so you can focus on the client and the project.

Our methodologies for helping companies rent a FileMaker Developer are proven and successful. We’d love the chance to help you get exactly what you need, so you can avoid what you don’t need…more busy work! So click, schedule, and get matched for the talent that you need, when you need it, for as long or as little as you need it.

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