Hire an Actuary

The process to hire an actuary is grueling. Much of their value comes from skills and experiences that are intangible. They can’t easily be measured by taking an exam. The good news – we have experience with this challenge. We are in daily conversations with top-tier actuarial talent and have built strong relationships with these actuaries. We’re knowledgeable, skilled, and confident in the conversations we lead that draw out the true talents of each actuary.

Identifying talent for an actuarial role often takes a lot of effort from HR teams. As a consultant or hiring manager, you know the skills you’re looking for – but you don’t have the time to do it. That’s where we come in. We have the time, we have a system, we have a deep-rooted connection to the talent pools, and we have extensive knowledge of the industries we serve.

We’ll get you the right talent with the right experience within your budget. You won’t have to invest your time to acquire these candidates. So, if you’re ready to hire an actuary – let’s talk!

There’s no obligation and no heavy sales pitches. We only get paid when you get the talent. We’re just a team of talent seekers who love what they do and we’re ready to match you with your perfect candidate!

Beyond the Numbers

Kalos has over a decade of actuarial experience identifying business needs, core values, and culture. We consider both hard skills and soft skills so that we find the best fit for your situation.

The Kalos Difference

Analytical Approach

We analyze your needs and pair you with the person who is uniquely qualified for your company – not just your position.

Maximized Search Efforts

Job boards only reach people who are actively looking. We search for people who meet your criteria and share your core values—even if they already have a job.

Rent an Actuary

Not every business needs a full-time actuary. It didn’t take us long to recognize the need that so many organizations had. The need for an actuary based on a project, and not a permanent fixture. So we help you rent an actuary. One that will provide the most value for the project they’ll be working on.

Reach out to start a conversation.