Expanded Services

Our talent team offers expanded services for hiring full time and project-based staff in the following areas…

Accounting & Finance

We know at the core of every successful business is a powerful Accounting and Finance team. They are the numbers people that keep the whole system functioning. When your team needs a talent boost, Kalos is here to assist.

With a team focused on the Accounting and Finance world, we have the knowledge to seek out the very best to fit your unique needs. We’ll sort through the talent and bring you the top 2-3 candidates that match your specific criteria within your budget.

Sales and Marketing

We have a dedicated team with over a decade of experience recruiting in Sales and Marketing – from Reps to CMOs, we’ve got you covered.

Your Sales and Marketing teams are comprised of creative minds. Our team shares that same creative nature and passion. Thus we connect with candidates in a unique way to select the very best that will fill your needs and match with your team’s culture.

Apple Consultants Network

We work with members of the Apple Consultants Network to find top talent and grow their businesses.

The New Business Partner to the ACN

Kalos has established itself as the only FileMaker speciality recruiter—matching developers to in-house jobs and catering to the hiring needs of the FileMaker Business Alliance. Through our relationships at FileMaker Inc, we built a bridge to Apple, Inc. and those who oversee the the Apple Consultants Network. We are now using what we have learned from succeeding with the FBA to help members of the ACN grow their businesses.

Are you an Apple specialist?

If you are already Apple certified or aspire to have a career in the ever growing field of Apple IT, we want to hear from you. As Apple’s market continues to grow, both ACNs and major companies need to hire people who have both the skills necessary to implement Apple solutions and operate with the highest standards that are in line with those of Apple.

Do you want to stand out among the crowd?

In addition to referring you to the right certification tests to prepare you for the technical side of being a successful Apple consultant, we are also partnering with a number of established training companies to offer soft skills courses. Any good IT company will tell you that the hard skills can be learned by any candidate with a basic background in IT. What is more difficult to come by are candidates with the soft skills necessary to confidently work on-site with clients, navigate ambiguity, and eloquently provide solutions that both meet the needs of customers while also creating value for the consultancy. Our soft skills training will give you the foundation you need to being a well-rounded and fully qualified consultant.

Do you want to grow your ACN company?

ACN member companies come in all shapes and sizes. Very few would say they aren’t interested in growing their business, but many struggle to identify the best way forward. New hiring becomes one of the most obvious areas of frustration. You need to grow your team in order to service more clients and bill more hours. But a bad hire can absorb both time and financial resources, setting you back even further than before you started. And that’s not to mention the actual time it takes to advertise the job, sort through resumes, and interview candidates.

At Kalos, we take the entire burden of searching for candidates off your plate, and use our expertise to find you the very best candidates. Beyond just posting to job boards, which only reaches a small portion of perspective candidates and few of the top candidates, we use tried and true methods of networking and actively seeking out the best talent on the market.
Our team includes former Apple employees who understand the culture of Apple and the kind of people it takes to represent the brand and standard of quality Apple has achieved. We will also take the time to get to know your company, its unique culture and core values, and the exact specifications of your jobs to ensure we are only providing you with the kind of people you would actually want to talk to.

Beyond just recruiting, if you are interested in further building your business acumen and learning the best practices for growing your business, our training partners are also available to offer management and sales training courses custom tailored to the needs of the ACN.
Please reach out to us to learn more about how we can help grow your ACN. You can also read our white paper on some of the best practices for new hiring.

The Kalos Difference

Analytical Approach

We analyze your needs and pair you with the person who is uniquely qualified for your company – not just your position.

Maximized Search Efforts

Job boards only reach people who are actively looking. We search for people who meet your criteria and share your core values—even if they already have a job.

Reach out to start a conversation.