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Relational Approach

We go beyond just work experience and bullet points on a resume to really understand who you are and what you’re looking for.

Choose Your Criteria

We’ll help you define your search criteria and only present you opportunities that meet your needs.

Flexible Options

We handle both full-time and project-based opportunities, and we’ll help you transition from contract to full-time if your situation changes.

Expert Guidance

We’ll help you get prepared with practice interviews, expert advice, and negotiation training. Then, we’ll guide you through your resignation and transition.

Client Success Stories

“Kalos found me a job in my home town that allowed me to go back to my family and friends, and actually get a salary increase.”

Philip Jaffe
FileMaker Developer
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“I didn’t know what titles or businesses to look for in my search. Kalos set me on the right path.”

Daisy Graves
FileMaker Developer
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“I’m a developer—I want to spend my time solving problems. I don’t want to spend my time creating contracts and making sure money is collected. Kalos does all that for me and saves me a ton of time.”

J. Hall
FileMaker Developer
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