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Not every business needs full-time support from actuarial professionals. It didn’t take us long to recognize the need that so many organizations had. The need for actuarial support based on a project, and not a permanent fixture. So, we help you rent an actuarial professional. One that will provide the most value for the project they’ll be working on.

We’ll identify each candidate’s talent, skillsets, experience, and personality and only bring to the table the absolute best solutions for your individual needs. From project to project, we’ll not only place the talent but manage the HR and payroll so you can spend as little time as possible on the process. We’re a group of talent seekers who truly love what we do. And we’re really good at it. We make talent effortless and we would love to work with you. We have a pool of dedicated, skilled actuarial professionals, who are ready to work hard for you, for as long or as little as you need.

So, if you’re ready, we’re ready! Ready to help you rent an actuarial professional. Click, schedule, and get matched to your perfect actuarial solution.

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Featured Actuaries

Boris Vaynblatt, Actuary

Boris, one of our Actuary Consultants, is ready to help you!

Boris specializes in:

  • Pension valuations in the private sector, including single employer and multiemployer pension plans.
  • Pension administration processes.
  • Pension administration calculations
  • Pension administration training
  • Compliance reviews
  • Second Opinion Studies
  • Government Filings.
  • Domestic Relations Orders
  • Negotiations
  • Employee Presentations
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Tamara Wilt, Actuary

Tamara, one of our Actuary Consultants, is ready to help you!

Tamara specializes in:

  • Life and Health Actuary
  • Modeling and Financial Reporting
  • Group Health Insurance Plans
  • Compliance and Statutory Reporting
  • Tax modeling and Mid-Market exchange modeling
  • Expertise in assisting Actuary clients in transition from short term projects to any specialized area of expertise.
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