Frequently Asked Questions

‘Kalos’ is a Greek word that means excellent or honorable and we hold fast to those qualities. We will never go back on our word, even when it might seem to benefit us, and we work to honor both our company clients and job-seeking candidates.

Let’s be honest, figuring out how to build a team with the skills needed and the right cultural fit is a huge undertaking. We’ve heard story after story of Human Resources departments trying to hire for a specialized role and not knowing where to begin. At Kalos, we dive deeper, pursuing relationships past your network, saving you time and energy. Recruiting is our expertise. It’s what we do all day so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re needing business consulting or looking for a new team member, we offer several payment options for our services. Talk to us and we’ll try and work with you to fit within your financial situation. Remember that our services are an investment in your company growth.

There’s nothing worse than spending countless hours on hiring only to end up with the wrong fit. The time and money lost can never be replaced. There is a cost for what we do, but the benefits of having the right person in the right seat are invaluable. Our services are an investment in your company growth. We present you with amazing candidates for your needs, core values, and culture you wouldn’t otherwise know. It’s worth the investment.

At Kalos, we have a 96% engaged placement rate. We’re confident that we’ll find an amazing candidate for your needs and work hard to create a smooth hiring process. But in the case that you hire someone on your own, any money you may have paid upfront stays on your account for the next role. We also have contingent-only recruitment options where you don’t pay anything unless we do our job well and you hire through us.

That’s not really a question….but we get it. Schedule a call to talk to us and we’ll discuss your scenario. We’re sure we can be of help, but in the rare case we can’t, then no hard feelings!