Success Stories

David Case, CEO, Adatasol

An esteemed Claris Partner, Adatasol excels in improving their client’s efficiencies through custom-built applications that automate time-consuming functions and eliminate expensive redundant tasks. Adatasol has served their clients for over 30 years working in 52 countries with a customer growth rate of 41%. As their client base grows so does their development team to ensure their superior customer engagement and satisfaction continues. To build a valuable team of experts, Adatasol has partnered with Kalos Consulting. We are thrilled to support their recruitment efforts and help their company excel through talented developers.

“’Placed Candidate’ has been a giant win for us.  Next hire we need, we should consider Kalos our number 1 starting point and budget the extra cost.  Now that we have done it, we can adapt on our end to what will work best for us in the contractor-to-hire scenario.”

– David Case, CEO, Adatasol

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