Considering a Job Change: What to Factor In

What drives you to switch jobs? Switch careers? There can be many reasons why an opportunity appeals to someone. The focus truly is beyond the money! It’s the whole picture.

Sure money factors into the decision, but it should be the icing on the cake. More importantly, how does the whole picture look?

Let’s review in more detail!

You devote a great deal of hours to your job – whether in office or remote – and you want to be proud of the work you do and the company you work for. So, one piece of the whole picture is – the company. Look at their mission, their culture, their position in the industry, and rapport within the community. You are not just a reflection of the company; the company is a reflection of you.

The role is also a key factor. Can you do the work? Will it challenge you enough? Will you be proud of the work you’re doing? Is it an advancement in tasks and responsibilities? Can you grow? All critical questions in deciding if a transition makes sense.

Location. Are you relocating because of a loved one? Or perhaps you want to return to your “home” after sampling a new city for the last five years. The location of where you do the work you love is important. Your next role may bring you closer to “home”.

The last piece of the puzzle is quality of life. If you’re currently working extended hours and on weekends, a new role that is more considerate of your time with family, friends, and other interests is worth pursuing.

With your next transition, remember not to chase the money. Consider the whole picture that will elevate your life and your career!

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