Behavior Essentials

In business, personality and skills assessments have become an essential part of organizational growth. These tools have been used on the forefront of recruiting, team building, culture development, and change initiatives.

We can say with certainty that we have all taken at least one “personality assessment”, but how did you feel about the results? Did it represent you? Did you learn something new about yourself or reaffirm what you already knew?

At Kalos, we have partnered with elite Chief Culture Expert, Ben Utecht, and the team at Behavioral Essentials to take employee development to the next level.

Using their behavioral assessment and suite of tools & reports, Behavioral Essentials helps companies hire and develop people with behaviors that match their company’s culture as well as their job requirement, and equips leaders with coaching tools to cultivate a high-performing workplace.

Unlike personality assessments like DISC or MBTI, which give you a 4-item perspective of fixed traits, the Behavioral Essentials behavioral assessment is a composite of an individual’s motivators and behavioral traits. With one simple assessment, you can identify what someone values, their work preferences and what makes them feel successful in order to improve productivity, team collaboration & company culture.

We would love to share our experience with you, explore how it can benefit your team, and discuss an implementation of Behavioral Essentials in your organization. Software demos are available and encouraged!

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