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Attract and hire the right people for yourcompany — and your culture.

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Struggling to find the right talent?
You’re not alone.

Hiring can be tough. And finding people with the right skills who also fit in with your team is even harder. That’s why so many companies settle for one or the other.

But settling can be a costly mistake.

Experience the “Kalos”
approach to recruiting

We believe that relationships lead to a better understanding of the needs of your business and, in turn, your position.

We get to know you, we get to know each candidate, and then we make connections when we find a match.

The result? You attract and hire the right people for your company and culture.

Relational Recruiting

We build relationships to deeply understand your business needs and find the perfect match.

Qualified Candidates

We tap into our extensive network to find highly qualified candidates that meet your specific requirements.

Fast, Accurate Hiring

The average time from the start of an engaged search to an accepted offer is less than 60 days.

Success Stories

Companies find uniquely qualified talent with Kalos.

“Kalos found a candidate that was so unique that we actually built a position around that person’s skillset.”
Keith LaRochelle
CEO, Productive Computing, Inc.

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