Forbes.Jobs has emerged as a superior recruitment platform, distinct in its approach and benefits. Launched in 2023 by Forbes in collaboration with top-tier founding recruiters like Kalos Consulting, Forbes.Jobs is redefining the hiring process for companies.

Expertise in Niche and Leadership Roles

At Kalos, we excel in recruiting for specialized fields including actuarial, fintech, insurtech, data science, and software/low code development, as well as executive roles in hospitality and as executive assistants. Our partnership with empowers us to extend these services more broadly, connecting companies with top-tier talent across various industries.

Exclusive Focus on Leadership and Senior Roles

Forbes.Jobs is engineered to cater to companies seeking leaders and executives. Unlike other platforms that serve a wide spectrum of job levels and sectors, Forbes.Jobs concentrates on senior and C-suite roles. This targeted approach ensures that companies find the most relevant and high-caliber candidates, streamlining the recruitment process.

Access to a Vast Network and Industry Leaders

Leveraging Forbes’ extensive network, Forbes.Jobs offers companies unique access to talent from Fortune 150 companies and key decision-makers. This is especially beneficial for firms looking to hire for leadership positions, providing an avenue to top-tier candidates and exclusive opportunities.

Adapted to the Modern Business Landscape

Understanding the dynamic nature of today’s business world, Forbes.Jobs aligns with the modern job market’s demands. It offers resources and insights into digital transformation and emerging industry trends, ensuring that companies connect with candidates who are not only skilled but also forward-thinking and adaptable.

Unparalleled Recruitment Expertise

Combining Forbes’ insights with seasoned recruitment expertise, Forbes.Jobs delivers exceptional service and support to companies. This platform understands the nuances of the job market and employer needs, enabling a precise matching of talent with suitable company roles.


Forbes.Jobs sets itself apart as a recruitment platform through its dedication to senior and leadership roles, tailored candidate selection, expansive industry network, and deep understanding of current market trends. For companies and hiring managers seeking exceptional talent for leadership positions, Forbes.Jobs offers an unmatched, specialized platform to meet their recruitment needs and objectives.

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