Founding member of

What does being a founding member of mean for you? Take a look…

Forbes is launching a new platform called It’s a platform for executive leaders and companies seeking executive level talent. As a proud affiliate and partner of we are thrilled to offer exclusive access to some of the most highly vetted job opportunities and candidates in the industry.

At Kalos, we specialize in actuarial, fintech, insurtech, data science, software/low code development and C-Suite with additional divisions in hospitality and executive assistants. We fully support our engaged clients with searches outside our niche areas as well and now with, we can extend our reach by plugging clients and candidates into the newest, best all industry recruitment company.

There are 45 Founding Recruiters from varying niches across the US that has hand picked, vetted and thrown their backing behind as the best in their industry. 94% of those they spoke with were rejected, so it’s a HUGE honor to be one of the 6% who went all the way through and was accepted.

To become a recruiter, we went through a rigorous vetting process that includes a three-step interview process, a review of billing and financials, reference checks, and a commitment to the code of ethics. This process ensures that only the most qualified and ethical recruiters are granted access to the platform.

What does this mean for you?

As a hiring manager, you can rest assured that the candidates we present to you are highly qualified and vetted. Truly, the best of the best. And now, with access to a shared database with our candidate pool will grow exponentially.

As a candidate, you can trust that the job opportunities my fellow founding recruiters at present to you are with reputable companies that value your skills and experience.

Join us in partnering with to take your career or hiring efforts to the next level. Contact Brandon/Anthony today to learn more about the exclusive benefits of working with a recruiter.